36066_161688390520510_6304160_nLet me see if I can describe Jennifer’s genius as a NIA teacher. She radiates a profoundly loving acceptance. Everybody, Love Your Body makes total sense as the name of her NIA practice. She gives me the feeling of “feeling felt”. By radiating warmth, joy, connection, she invites our own bodily love, activates our mirror neurons, and gives us back to ourselves through a deeper connection to our inner teacher and joy of movement. With Jennifer I dance better! I smile more! I cry joyfully and unabashedly, and I love myself both in my felt experience in my body/spirit/soul AND when I watch myself dance in the mirror. This is quite extraordinary. Jennifer communicates that it is safe to jump all the way into the moment, into the movement, into the music through her loving presence. Remember the NY Times article about your brain on love? “…when your brain knows you’re with someone you can trust, it needn’t waste precious resources coping with stressors or menace. Instead it may spend its lifeblood learning new things or fine-tuning the process of healing. Its doors of perception swing wide open.” Check her out!!
– S.L., Seattle, WA

Jennifer’s Nia classes are amazing! She infuses classic Nia with her own unique spirit to create a truly moving experience. Her bright, open personality creates an atmosphere of acceptance, freedom and fun! I have brought my mother, my mother in law, and my best friend to Jennifer’s classes specifically so their first time dancing in a Nia class would be with Jennifer! Her enthusiasm contributed to my decision to become a Nia white belt teacher myself, and her generous continuing support is invaluable to me in my journey toward teaching Nia.
– E.D., Seattle, WA

Jennifer Lucero-Earle is an gifted Nia teacher who will make your feet want to move and your heart want to fly. She brings an irrepressible spirit to each Nia class she teaches–one of exploration, alignment between body and soul, and delight. She is mindful of each student, while at the same time nurturing the fellowship of the dance and the Nia philosophy. Jennifer doesn’t just make you want to dance more joyfully, she makes you want to live more intentionally. Everybody, Love Your Body has become a sacred part of my weekly routine. The lessons Jennifer conveys in class spill out into my day to day, and I find myself dancing through all my days. She is magic.
– A.V.C., Seattle, WA

I love dancing with Jennifer. She teaches with a dynamic combination of grace, precision, passion, and playfulness. She brings me into deep connection with my body where I feel a sense of freedom to move and be that I need. Her use of metaphor allows me to experience the movements with more intention and specificity. She is a light that shines with an authentic presence that is truly inspiring to be around.
– L.R., Seattle, WA

Jennifer’s Nia classes are special. She has a unique blend of skills, education and bright spirit that allow her to deliver a Nia class experience like no one else can. She knows how to move safely and demonstrates beautiful Nia form, and also expertly guides students to discover their own path to healing and conditioning their bodies. Jennifer is so welcoming! You will feel her warm embrace before, during and after class. Her kind energy and open mind make it easy to express and dance with freedom. If you are curious about Nia, start with Jennifer’s class – she will offer you an accessible and enjoyable experience!
– G.M., Seattle, WA

Dancing with Jennifer is like dancing with pure love. She radiates it and creates a safe and loving space for me to dance with joy. Jennifer teaches with love, grace, wisdom, immense skill, and with a twinkle in her eye. She combines the Nia movements to create magic—sustainable magical results for mind, body, spirit, & emotional growing. I love her classes and always leave filled up to overflowing—and then wanting to come back for more. She is a healer, a true teacher, and an inspiration.
– S.T., Seattle, WA

I highly recommend Jennifer Lucero-Earle as a Nia instructor and Nia as a wonderful practice for moving, exercising, dancing and relaxing. She shows incredible energy and is always encouraging us to tweak the moves so that we feel more comfortable. When I first began classes I could barely move my hips, and now they are much more responsive to moving. I feel so much joy, inspiration and improved health each time I dance with her. It is a real privilege and I can’t recommend her classes enough. Dancing with her is always the highlight of my week!
– M.L., Seattle, WA

I have been dancing NIA for a little over three years with many different teachers.  Each teacher brings their own pizazz to the dance but Jennifer’s flavor of pizazz is one of my very favorites.  Her classes guarantee me a great whole body workout in addition to a safe place to be myself and have fun.  Her classes sample a range of dance choreographies and the music add’s so much to the experience. Jennifer is a warm, vivacious, and very special person to dance Nia with.  With Jennifer, your first class is free! Give it a try and find joy in movement!
– K.D., Seattle, WA

Going to Nia is something new for me. I came into Nia, a depressed and out of shape, 70ish lady. It took about a month before I was able to keep up, and not stop, or drop out for a bit during the class. About six months into Nia, not only can I keep up, but I’m really feeling the dance. In Nia, you dance,  do yoga, Tai chi, or Karate, with a little ballet, jazz, and modern dance included. At one point my knee was a little “cranky”, but I kept dancing, modifying moves and after awhile, my knee just didn’t bother me. I love the theme, “your way”…. and “listen to your body”. I am a very grateful person to have gotten involved with Nia. And, not only do you get to dance, you meet the most wonderful people. People don’t just say Hi, they come over and give you a hug. What’s nicer than that?
– W.E., Seattle, WA

I love dancing with Jennifer! She has been inspiring my dance all week.
– S.P.,  Richland, WA

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jennifer and her Nia classes. When I first tried Jennifer’s class, I had no idea what Nia was and how much more it would end up meaning to me than just a way to stay fit. To me, Jennifer’s Nia classes are about listening to and responding to the needs of my mind and body. It’s about the power of self-expression and movement from within. And it’s about more than just what happens in class. Nia has touched my life in ways no other movement form ever has. I feel more open to new experiences, more open and honest with myself and with others, and more fulfilled in both my personal and professional relationships. I simply enjoy life more, stress less, and start every day with more warmth, gratitude, and joy. I owe this all to Jennifer and her amazing teaching style. She lights up the room with her warmth, energy, and openness, and she takes the time to make a connection with every single person in class. It is an absolute joy to dance with Jennifer each week!
– I.M., Seattle, WA