ArcanaDance™ Presents – Dancing with The Empress:
An Exploration of Self-Love with Tarot & Movement

Empress CentraliaWhen: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Time: 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Location: Embody Movement Studio, 115 S. Tower Ave, Centralia, WA 98531
Cost: $45 Early Bird (ends 6/1) $55 General (begins 6/2)
To register: or call (360)330-BODY (2639)

Self-love is a verb; a continuous practice and choice to treat yourself with reverence.

In the tarot, the Empress card represents the archetype of the mother. Through this archetype, we learn how to tap into a bottomless wellspring of love and nurturance. She is our doorway to becoming our own vital source of sustenance, self-care and nourishment.

If tarot cards could dance, this is what they’d look like!

Coming to this introductory ArcanaDance™ workshop will allow you to:

  • Experience a somatic journey of reverence for your self.
  • Discover your baseline of self-love.
  • Deepen your capacity for self-care.
  • Develop a practice that cultivates loving sustenance for your whole being.

No tarot or dance experience is required. Tarot decks will be provided for use during the workshop.

ArcanaDance™ is somatic tarot. Created by Jennifer Lucero-Earle, this therapeutic body-based practice is designed to facilitate self-discovery, empowerment, transformation & healing through a fusion of tarot, guided movement & music.


ArcanaDance™ Presents – The Dance of Emotional Alchemy: Transforming Anger through Tarot & Movement

Dance of Anger_Seattle June 2019When: Sunday, June 9, 2019
Time: 4:00PM – 7:00PM
Location: Balance Studio, 418 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Cost: $55 advance/$60 day of
To register: Email Jennifer at

This ArcanaDance™ workshop is an invitation to learn how to alchemize the raw energy of anger into a conduit for self-empowerment.

Anger has the ability to strengthen our boundaries and motivate us to defend and fight for what deserves protection. Anger can guide us to pay attention to our inner world and listen to what we need. Few of us are taught how to feel and express anger in healthy self-honoring ways.

What you will experience:

  • A physical exploration of the archetype of anger.
  • Explore your unique pattern with anger.
  • Learn to use somatic tarot as a tool to understand and reframe the emotional imprint of anger.
  • Discover ways to embody the energy of anger for self-empowerment

ArcanaDance™ is somatic tarot. Created by Jennifer Lucero-Earle, this therapeutic practice is designed to facilitate self-discovery, empowerment, transformation & healing through a fusion of tarot, guided movement & music. No tarot or dance experience required.

There will be several tarot decks available for participants to use during the workshop. However, participants are welcome to bring a tarot deck of their own, if they have one they’d like to use.

Payment: Cash, check, Venmo, Square or PayPal (below):

ArcanaDance: Dance of Emotional Alchemy: Transforming Anger

Online Course Launching Summer 2019:

Advertisement for Shadow Online CourseStay tuned for more information. Later this Summer, I will be launching the first online ArcanaDance™ course.

An ArcanaDance Course with Jennifer Lucero-Earle
Dancing with the Devil: A Somatic Exploration of the Shadow

In the tarot, The Devil represents the archetype of the shadow. The shadow embodies any part of us that we’ve banished to the dark – the parts of us we’ve denied expression, exposure and discovery. The shadow also reveals to us a complex relationship with power. Who, what, where and how do you give your power over, and at what cost?

Somatic means “relating to the body.” The body is not only where we experience life, it is the frontier of our transformation. ArcanaDance™ brings the tarot to life through the body. In this course you will learn about the physical imprint of the shadow as expressed and experienced through the language of the body. You will also learn how to use and transform the contractive energy of the shadow into something new and more expansive.

Join us for Six Online Sessions:

  • Intro to the Shadow via Somatic Tarot
  • Exploring the Personal Shadow
  • Exploring the Collective Shadow
  • Moving with the Shadow
  • Transforming the Shadow
  • Shadow Council

Delivery methods:

  • Live sessions (will be recorded)
  • PDF lessons with journaling prompts
  • Short video lessons (movement) with accompanying suggested playlists
  • Office Hours/Q&A via Private Facebook Group

More information to come!

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