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I practice an approach to tarot counseling that is embodied. That means I blend tarot with embodiment practices such as guided imagery, affirmations, meditation, movement, art and writing, for personal transformation.

Here’s what I do best, I take your question(s) and customize a holistic experience for you that allows you to understand your reading from your thinking mind, your feeling heart, your sensory body and your unique spirit. I’ve been reading for myself and others for three decades. It’s my sacred work and it’s a privilege to serve as your guide.

I desire to see you evolve into your most healthy, whole and vibrant self and it’s my joy to use my mastery of tarot and embodiment to support you on your path. Whatever your question, I can provide a map for you to follow.

There are several ways to experience tarot with me.

Tarot with me:

Tarot Counseling customized readings done via phone, Skype, Facetime, Google Hangout or Zoom. Readings range from a half hour to two hours with options to add additional time. Request a reading.

ArcanaDance One-on-One Sessions – personalized movement experiences of the tarot. Bring a single card, your birth cards, or an entire reading to life through movement.

In person sessions for both tarot counseling and ArcanaDance one-on-one sessions will resume in select locations and times in the Spring 2018. In the interim, all sessions are via phone or online.

ArcanaDance series classes – a 75-minute movement exploration of a single tarot archetype.

ArcanaDance Retreats and Workshops these wonderful retreats and workshops offer a balance of learning about tarot, the tarot archetypes, reading the cards and bringing them into movement.

Bring a tarot experience to you

I create customized tarot experiences for small and large groups. These experiences include group readings, quick flash readings at parties and events, and ArcanaDance experiences guided by a specific theme, archetype or rite of passage. In addition, I craft blended experiences that include group readings followed by guided dance.

Contact me at jennifer@jenniferluceroearle.com to discuss options.

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