December 2017:

Prayer for the Creative Cauldron

September 2017:

Lifting Each Other Up
Groundlessness & Rainbows
Five Weeks

August 2017:

We Are The Ones
Serving Life from a Place of Wholeness

July 2017:

You Are The Answer
No Blueprint
Leaps of Faith and Circles of Support
Dancing with Change

June 2017:

Purple Rain
Making Choices

May 2017:

Physical Storytelling
Purple Rain
A Million Ways to Find the Face of Beauty

April 2017:

Our Life Our Legacy On the Earth
Greeting Life with Fresh Eyes and a Heart full of Gratitude
Movement from the Center of the Body

March 2017:

Spring Arrives
Look for the Rainbow
Graduating to a New Pattern

February 2017:

Calling the Warriors
Butterfly Power

January 2017:

Do Not Be Reduced
The Canvas of Your Life
Acorns to Oak Trees
The Call of the Rooster
Build Something New

December 2016:

Expanding Magic
Honoring Your Own Rhythm
Energy Follows Attention

November 2016:

One Family, One Planet

Dance To Your Own Rhythm
November Schedule

October 2016:

The Unbidden Work of Sorrow
Being a Feather

ArcanaDance Special Newsletter

Honoring Transitions

September 2016:

There is Always Light in the Darkness

Listen More, Push Less

August 2016:

Let Go, Let Love Live
The Strands of Your Life

Dig Deep and Release

The Discipline to Listen Deeply
Deep Engagement with Life

July 2016:

Honoring What Has Passed
Writing to Discover
Yielding to Light

June 2016:

Bring it Home to the Body
Imagine a Woman
Life on paper, Embodied!

May 2016:

Release! Release! Release!

April 2016:

The Light Emerges from the Fertile Darkness
A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules

March 2016:

Opening to Change
Spring Arrives, Time to Play

Calling all Visionaries

February 2016:

Love at the Highest Octave
All You Need is Love

January 2016:

I’m back!
Hermit-ing to Clarity
New Year, New Moon, New Visioning

December 2015:

Breathing New Light

November 2015:

The Light Within

October 2015:

Lighting the Way
We’re Jammin!

September 2015:

Unlimited Creativity

August 2015:

Rest, Rejuvenation and Revitalization

July 2015:

Instinct and Intuition

June 2015:

The Void Before Birth
Introducing ArcanaDance

May 2015:

Celebrating the Mother in Us All
Moving to Heal

April 2015:

East Coast Fun
Rebirth and Renewal

March 2015:

The FAMSS of my Family

February 2015:

Enrich Your Day

January 2015:

If I Were Brave