IMG_1963I’ve been working with the tarot for over thirty years. Since childhood, tarot has been the primary tool I use to get clear, to inspire creative options when I feel stuck, and to be my muse for movement. I bring to tarot counseling three decades of tarot knowledge, archetypal studies, somatic training, facilitation, coaching and counseling experience.

I do customized readings in person or via phone, Skype or Facetime.

Readings range from one to two hours with options to add additional time.

Tarot Counseling Options:

  • One hour – $130
  • 75 minutes – $145
  • 90 minutes – $160
  • Two hours  – $250
  • Each additional 30 minutes – $60
  • Special 90-minute Year Ahead (Birthday or 2017) Reading – $150
  • ArcanaDance One-on-One Sessions 

Tarot counseling sessions can be done via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Google Video, or in person in Seattle and Southern California (coming soon).

You can also schedule a tarot counseling session that includes additional time for a movement experience, usually dance, that will support you in embodying your reading.

To schedule an appointment: 

The first step is to complete a questionnaire. Download the Tarot Counseling Questionnaire and submit it to me via email

Once I receive your questionnaire, I will contact you to schedule a date and time for an Embodied Tarot counseling session via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Google Video, or in person in Seattle or Southern California.

How it works:
I create a customized reading for you based on a Tarot Counseling Questionnaire. I use a variety of tarot and oracle decks for readings, which gives us an opportunity to explore images that resonate with you. During the session we will co-create a personalized embodiment practice based on your reading that you can complete on your own.

Payment: Cash, Check, Square or PayPal.

Embodied Tarot Appointment Options

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