Soul Alchemy Collab is me – Jennifer Lucero-Earle, Elissa Strutton and Brooke Lowe Johnson. We are three fired up, Orange County based women bringing you workshops, classes and retreats to elevate your best self and find joy in movement, creativity and play!

Meet the Team

Jennifer Lucero-Earle, Magician of the Soul
Jennifer Lucero Earle_headshot (2)EDITEDJennifer is the creator of ArcanaDance, a unique somatic tarot practice that fuses archetypes with the language of the body. She is also a First Degree Black Belt Nia teacher and movement facilitator with over 30 years experience working with the tarot. Jennifer weaves together music, somatic movement and storytelling to create experiences of embodied transformation. She draws from her educational training and real life experiences in physiological psychology, creative writing, experiential healing, somatic education, strands of indigenous cultural traditions (with respect and credit), and career counseling to guide people to new depths of self-discovery and self-determination. What Jennifer loves most in the world is facilitating safe non-judgmental and culturally compassionate experiences for people to move, feel, heal, and grow into their most joyful self.

Elissa Strutton, Movement Artist:
elissa-headshot2016webAs an educator and yoga guide, Elissa’s approach to movement and self-care draws from over 13 years of teaching experience, extensive training, continued study of asana, philosophy, anatomy and biomechanics along with a commitment to personal practice, self-inquiry and steady pursuit of healing and growth. An artist at heart and student for life, Elissa’s creativity, intuitive nature and expertise provides a solid foundation for helping her students discover effective tools and practices to reduce stress, alleviate tension, move with integrity and restore their sense of well-being. Her classes blend breath work, focused intention, asana, dynamic movement and guided self-massage techniques to create a purposeful, engaging and embodied experience.

Brooke Lowe Johnson, Creative Vibes Curator:
brooke_headshot_01Brooke is a sound healer, energy-connected dance guide, and creative coach. Through education and personal transformation experiences she has discovered the value of creative expression in overall wellness. Whether through sound meditation, somatic movement or artistic endeavors, Brooke guides people in uncovering their own self-discovery transformation. In a sound meditation, a mix of singing bowls, chimes, drums, gongs and other instruments connect to the vibrations in your body. You get comfortable and chill, and Brooke does the work to bathe you in relaxing sounds to reduce stress and anxiety, massage your body with the vibrations, and help you achieve a higher state of consciousness.



Previous Events

Spark Joy with Movement, Tarot & Meditation

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.” ― Yogi Bhajan

Spark Joy_digital flyer_v1let your heart be light.

Just as laughter is good medicine, the experiences and activities that spark a sense of joy and delight are essential to our health, well-being, growth and vitality.

Lighten your spirit, nourish your body and delight your senses with a 4-hour workshop designed to spark joy, celebrate the Sun, and to facilitate a deepened connection with the wholeness of who you are – including your playful, radiant self.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to use tarot and simple guided movement to embody joy and magnify your radiance and vitality.
  • Discover the art of self-massage with therapy ball rolling techniques combined with gentle yoga and dynamic movement to alleviate muscular tension.
  • Experience a state of blissful relaxation through an uplifting sound meditation.

Welcome the Sun

During Summer Solstice, the sun energizes, provides warmth and brings with it a season of growth. Naturally, we are inspired to lighten and brighten our outer living spaces this time of year. Clearing out, decluttering and lightening up our inner living room as well serves to unlock our potential, raise our vibration and acts as a catalyst for positive shifts to occur in our lives.

gaian-tarot-sun-joanna-powell-colbertIn the tarot, the Sun card represents the archetype of vitality. The Sun invites us to shine, express our luminous self, and turn towards what makes us feel vital and alive. This is the perfect archetype to explore when you are seeking ways to raise your vibration. Solar power your life! Tune in to your inner sunshine. Move through the world as the shimmering and shining light that you are.

Image: The Sun from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

movement, tarot, therapy ball rolling and sound meditation

Jennifer will lead ArcanaDance, a blend of somatic movement and tarot archetypal inquiry. Elissa will guide targeted therapy ball rolling techniques combined with gentle yoga, dynamic stretching and a brief guided meditation. Brooke will lead participants through a soundscape of gongs, singing bowls, percussion and wind instruments.