IMG_1916“ArcanaDance is an amazing practice that has really enhanced the depth of my experience with tarot. It is a powerful moving meditation that allows you to explore the meaning of the cards in a therapeutic way and allows for free expression and dance that leaves you feeling more aware of the forces at play in your emotional life. I have gained familiarity with the archetypes of the Major Arcana in a more profound way when exploring them through the medium of the body, and have integrated the information the cards have given me more fully by moving with their energy. Jennifer is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher, and I feel that ArcanaDance can provide value to anyone interested in exploring tarot further, no matter their experience level.” – A.S., Seattle, WA

“Jennifer is warm, perceptive and incredibly generous. Her New Moon workshop was a gentle and thorough unfolding: she brought a feast of materials (tarot cards, lovely handouts) from home, and walked us through a discovery process with openness and diligent care. She is a deep listener and mirrors your important questions back to you. She’s a rare bird offering a potent combination of intellectual discovery of the ancient tarot tradition, joined with your visceral understanding, summoned under her inspiring guidance. I loved dancing and learning in this way!” – S.A., Seattle, WA

“I am very grateful to Jennifer for bringing alive the wonderful gift of Arcana Dance and for the magic and beauty it has brought to my life. As I found myself dancing through the themes for the cards for High Priestess, Emperor, Empress and Lovers, my body found movement with more grace and ease, and unlocked more and more insights as responses to each of the thoughtful questions Jennifer posed and asked us to draw tarot cards for. Never having worked with Tarot before, this has been a transformative experience for me. Jennifer is an amazing teacher, always providing gentle instruction and guidance with warmth and love. I look forward to many more magical Arcana Dance sessions with Jennifer!” – S.S., Seattle, WA

“I have had the great fortune to experience Jennifer’s ArcanaDance. It is a gently guided body and mind encounter that transports you into an extraordinary jaunt. The music and playlists are carefully chosen to open up all of your senses so you can be both emotionally and physically moved into a different level.” – S.F., Seattle, WA

“I haven’t historically been a ‘body learner’ or someone who listens to her body. I’m very much in my head. What I like about your approach in ArcanaDance is that you encourage everyone to just stop for a minute and listen to what their body is telling them. That’s been very fun and useful for me. I liked ArcanaDance because I could just let go and listen to my body and my heart. I so rarely do that! Also, I feel that intuition isn’t very highly valued in our society. I like how your classes remind people that intuitive knowledge is valuable. That’s helped me in areas beyond ArcanaDance and Nia (work, parenting, etc.).” L.G., Seattle, WA

“What I experienced of ArcanaDance was amazing. I loved the flow of the class, starting by stepping into a sacred space and using tarot to guide us individually to explore the High Priestess in more depth as a part of our experience in life. Rather than coming in with whatever might be in my head, I was able to let my heart listen to the message of my card. The similarity of choreography from one week to the next was grounding and gave me the feeling of moving up the spiral journey of the priestess, seeing different aspects as I went. Yet the message each time was so distinct, revealing additional layers of the High Priestess. I tend to stay very set in my views of myself; I have found that movement is the most powerful way to break this pattern. It is hard to find words for how these classes nourished me, but I think that this is an indication of their power. I can feel myself responding a little bit differently to situations in my life. Even in situations where I feel I am still struggling to learn lessons, it feels like I’ve crested a ridge and am looking over a new meadow, and if that reveals another mountain to climb, I feel just a little bit more grounded and aware facing the next steps!” – M.C., Seattle, WA

“I have been dancing with and learning from Jennifer for a year and a half now. She is such a brilliant soul and brings incredible positive energy to whatever she does. I go to her movement classes in order to get an injection of both lightness and groundedness into my day. I also have made yearly readings from her a part of my self-care regimen. I have had many readings in many different modalities, and I can honestly say that Jennifer’s readings are the most intuitive and helpful that I’ve had from anyone.” – A.A., Seattle, WA

“Jennifer.. your classes offer more.. so much more than meets the eye.  What you offer is depth of knowledge… my mind is intrigued with the Tarot.. so, it’s satisfied with that part… the bonus is the movement where my body gets to experience (which, how does my mind put movement into words? it has a hard time)… and my heart gets to beat…feel…be…remember…be…love…and be.  It’s truly beautiful and a journey to my soul.” L.H.W., Seattle, WA