December 2021

Communal Wellness

November 2021

Dancing Thankfulness
Sweet People
Create Your Day, Then Create Your Life
Tarot and Sonrisa

October 2021

Listening to Others & Dancing the Spirit of Life
Home Is What You Take With You
Revisiting Versatility, Honing Our Creative Range
The Quality of Connection

September 2021

Stopping the Noise
Pause to Feel Free
Worthy of Rest
Rest Speaks Peace

August 2021

Refuge in the Collective
Revisiting Collective Joy
Following the Light in the Dark
What to Call In and What to Let Go

July 2021

While I am Away
A Compassionate Pact
Dancing with the Winds of Change
Ríe y Llora

June 2021

Shine Bright
Connection & Community as Strength
La Sonrisa
The Courage Not to Override

May 2021

Creative Range & Adaptability
Boundaries & Self-Care
What Won’t Let Me Go
Mother’s and Valor

April 2021

Valor and Value
Collective Flourishing
Courage to Lead
Pride Power Protection Play & Proclamation
Rebirth and the Bridge from the Head to the Heart

March 2021

Building the Soil of Self-Care

February 2021

Attending to Our Well-Being
Breathe Toward Safety and Connection
Mi Corazón
This Joy that I Have

January 2021

Our Crowdsourced Joy Dance
Carrying Hope Forward
Dancing for a More Beautiful World
Collective Joy

December 2020

Spacious Incubation
Heeding the Call
Home and Heart Light
The Soil of Life
Finding the Light Again and Again

November 2020

Aliveness & Gratitude
Liminality and Grief
A Time Out for Self-Examination

October 2020

We are the Ones
Beautiful World
Ruptures & Repairs

September 2020

Practicing Resilience
Somos Luceros
Resting in Transition

August 2020

Dancing to Celebrate Community & Connection
Dancing with Endurance and Devotion
Dance Your Power
Dance as Play

July 2020

Dance as Healing
Moving with Purpose
Revolutionary Love

June 2020

Emotional Resilience
The Battlefield in the Body
We Can’t Breathe
My Relationship with Nia Going Forward

May 2020

Heart of Wonder
Mother’s Day
Moving to North Carolina and Dancing Together

April 2020

Sacred Bonds, Earth and Shake Your Hips
Celebrate and Honor Earth
Calling the Spirit Back

March 2020

Strategies for the Marathon
Nia with me via Live Zoom Video
Ways to Keep Dancing
Canceled Classes – per the City of Newport Beach

February 2020

Who Tells Your Story?
Heart & Magic
Hope & Healing

January 2020

Body Love
Vision, The Ocean & Emotional Flow
Emotional Flow

December 2019

A New Intention
Compassionate Night
Breath is the Key to Life

November 2019

Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address
Let Go of Your Story
The Muscle of the Soul

October 2019

Loose of Limits & Imaginary Lines
Amplitude: Let Your Body Take Up Space
Take a Break
Punctuate the Equilibrium
One Day She…
Precision Power and Grace

September 2019

Dive Deep and Play
Your Offering to the World
Deep Democracy
Design Your Sankalpa

August 2019

Your Broken Pieces Contain the Stars of Hope
The Energy of Hope
Hope is an Ax
Toni Morrison

July 2019

The Command Center of the Body
Curiosity Reverence Connection
Embracing Our Inherent Value
From Separation to Unity
The Golden Line

June 2019

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot
Dream…with Arcana
Stay Inspired

May 2019

Stress, Breath and Dancing Prana
Anger Suffocates Empathy
Opening Doors
Of Chest and Soul
Coming Home

April 2019

Our Dance Community
Your Body Is Not An Incarnational Inconvenience
Movement From The Top
Nia’s Movement Archetypes

March 2019

From Cranium to Sacrum
Ride Into March

February 2019

True Connection
March is for the MAGIC of Collaboration
Sacred Activism
March in Seattle
The Power of the Head
Unexplored Wilderness
The Shadow of Defenselessness

January 2019

The Shadow of Defenselessness
The Threshold of Surrender
Dreamwalk Your Intention Into Being
Mobility and Riding the Wave of Sound
Music is Healing
Bring It On

December 2018

She Let Go
Sacred U
The Gift of Evolving
Alignment and Self-Care

November 2018

Practicing the Art of Awareness for Self-Care
Respecting Your Body’s Natural Time for Self-Care
Choosing Joy for Self-Care
Living Archetypes of Moral Conscience
November Classes
The Spiritual Realm

October 2018

Celebrations and Sacred Conversations
The Deep Emotional Realm
The World You Want to Leave Behind
The Magical Mental Realm
Body Literacy

September 2018

The Wings of the Student and Teacher
Learning from Within, The Gift of Intuition

August 2018

Learning Together
Dancing with Stability and Mobility
Yin & Yang and Modern Dance
Breath and Balance
We Become the Patterns We Create
Grace-filled Efforting

July 2018

Harmonious Spherical Motion
Take Action
Confidence, Flow and Change
Quiet Resting
Motion Flow Freedom

June 2018

Shift Respond Negotiate
Emanate Your Light In All Directions
Freedom to Expand

May 2018

Exploring Your Edge
Hands Like Velvet
Dreamwalking the Core of the Body

March 2018

Wisdom to my Younger Self
Riding the Cycles of Life

February 2018

Move with Your Feeling

January 2018

Seattle – See you soon! And NEW online workshop on Tues Jan 30!
You Got The Fear

December 2017:

Prayer for the Creative Cauldron

September 2017:

Lifting Each Other Up
Groundlessness & Rainbows
Five Weeks

August 2017:

We Are The Ones
Serving Life from a Place of Wholeness

July 2017:

You Are The Answer
No Blueprint
Leaps of Faith and Circles of Support
Dancing with Change

June 2017:

Purple Rain
Making Choices

May 2017:

Physical Storytelling
Purple Rain
A Million Ways to Find the Face of Beauty

April 2017:

Our Life Our Legacy On the Earth
Greeting Life with Fresh Eyes and a Heart full of Gratitude
Movement from the Center of the Body

March 2017:

Spring Arrives
Look for the Rainbow
Graduating to a New Pattern

February 2017:

Calling the Warriors
Butterfly Power

January 2017:

Do Not Be Reduced
The Canvas of Your Life
Acorns to Oak Trees
The Call of the Rooster
Build Something New

December 2016:

Expanding Magic
Honoring Your Own Rhythm
Energy Follows Attention

November 2016:

One Family, One Planet

Dance To Your Own Rhythm
November Schedule

October 2016:

The Unbidden Work of Sorrow
Being a Feather

ArcanaDance Special Newsletter

Honoring Transitions

September 2016:

There is Always Light in the Darkness

Listen More, Push Less

August 2016:

Let Go, Let Love Live
The Strands of Your Life

Dig Deep and Release

The Discipline to Listen Deeply
Deep Engagement with Life

July 2016:

Honoring What Has Passed
Writing to Discover
Yielding to Light

June 2016:

Bring it Home to the Body
Imagine a Woman
Life on paper, Embodied!

May 2016:

Release! Release! Release!

April 2016:

The Light Emerges from the Fertile Darkness
A Strong Spirit Transcends Rules

March 2016:

Opening to Change
Spring Arrives, Time to Play

Calling all Visionaries

February 2016:

Love at the Highest Octave
All You Need is Love

January 2016:

I’m back!
Hermit-ing to Clarity
New Year, New Moon, New Visioning

December 2015:

Breathing New Light

November 2015:

The Light Within

October 2015:

Lighting the Way
We’re Jammin!

September 2015:

Unlimited Creativity

August 2015:

Rest, Rejuvenation and Revitalization

July 2015:

Instinct and Intuition

June 2015:

The Void Before Birth
Introducing ArcanaDance

May 2015:

Celebrating the Mother in Us All
Moving to Heal

April 2015:

East Coast Fun
Rebirth and Renewal

March 2015:

The FAMSS of my Family

February 2015:

Enrich Your Day

January 2015:

If I Were Brave