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Pull Pen Paint with Kiala Givehand (and I’m guest teaching!)

A Journey of Self-Discovery Using Signs, Symbols, and Systems in Your Spiritual & Creative Practice

10 month virtual program started Friday, March 17, 2023. Sessions have been recorded so you can still join us.

Info & registration:
Registration is still open!

PPPI had the most wonderful experience in March with Pull Pen Paint. I got to guide an ArcanaDance experience for participants where we danced with the Fool through the Chariot. And in between there were other sessions where I got to be a student – we did ritual, created art, played with tarot, had deep and thoughtful conversations about time…it was such a nourishing experience and a wonderful way to welcome in Spring.

Pull • Pen • Paint started last weekend with the first of FOUR VIRTUAL RETREAT style weekends AND registration is still open. There are several recorded sessions available to do at your own pace and time.

Kiala has brought together more than 20 teachers from all walks of life to share their love of journaling, creativity, divination, and self-exploration to uncover the answers that live inside of us.

This is such a fun experience – loads of wonderful teachers and practices centered around creative exploration, self-expression, self-reflection, and embodiment.

I will be guiding another ArcanaDance workshop in the December retreat!

To learn more and to join us, see the link below:
Join us for Pull • Pen • Paint


To be rescheduled for sometime in 2023

ArcanaDance™ – The Dance of Divine Play: Embodied Storytelling, Tarot, and Movement – To be Rescheduled once Coronavirus Pandemic stabilizes and passes

Divine Play_Final

Lila, or Leela, is a practice and philosophy in yoga that roughly translates into “creative play with the divine.” It is spontaneous and vibrant energy that invites us to co-create our life in partnership with outside forces – nature, spirit, humanity, etc. We all carry narratives and stories about our history, present and in some ways, about our future. Divine play invites us to shift those narratives from a new lens, one rooted in a delightful dance with a generous, fun, ever-flowing, bountiful and loving Universe.

In the tarot, the Fool card is the archetype associated with trust and joy in the journey of life.

Some of our stories have been written. Some of those stories may desire a new narrative or mythology. There are stories eager to be written and new narratives waiting to be discovered. There can be joy and lightness in the creation of and sharing of story. The Fool will be our trusted guide and co-creative archetypal partner on our journey to create a personal narrative sourced from divine play.

What you will experience:

  • A somatic exploration of divine play
  • An introduction to embodied storytelling
  • Playing with tarot as a creative story-shifting catalyst
  • The seeds of a new narrative

ArcanaDance™ is somatic tarot. Created by Jennifer Lucero-Earle, this therapeutic practice is designed to facilitate self-discovery, empowerment, transformation & healing through a fusion of tarot, guided movement & music. No tarot or dance experience required.

There will be several tarot decks available for participants to use during the workshop. However, participants are welcome to bring a tarot deck of their own, if they have one they’d like to use.

Your Guides:
Jennifer Lucero-Earle is the creator of ArcanaDance™, a therapeutic somatic practice that fuses archetypes, self-inquiry and tarot with guided movement. She is also a somatic therapist-in-training and movement facilitator with over 30 years of experience working with the tarot. What Jennifer loves most in the world is facilitating safe, non-judgmental, and culturally compassionate experiences for people to move, feel, heal, and grow into their most joyful self.

Liziah Richards is a mental health therapist, Yoga instructor, writer, and performing artist that is passionate about helping people. Through movement, therapeutic conversation, intuitive guidance and heart opening practices she supports people to live with more compassion and joy. She helps people heal from painful life experience and create new awareness and patterns that allow healthier relationship with self and others.

Online Course Launching Winter 2020-2021

Stay tuned for more information. Early next year, I will be launching the first online ArcanaDance™ course.

An ArcanaDance Course with Jennifer Lucero-Earle
Dancing with the Devil: A Somatic Exploration of the Shadow

Updated Ad for Shadow Online Course (1)In the tarot, The Devil represents the archetype of the shadow. The shadow embodies any part of us that we’ve banished to the dark – the parts of us we’ve denied expression, exposure and discovery. The shadow also reveals to us a complex relationship with power. Who, what, where and how do you give your power over, and at what cost?

Somatic means “relating to the body.” The body is not only where we experience life, it is the frontier of our transformation. ArcanaDance™ brings the tarot to life through the body. In this course you will learn about the physical imprint of the shadow as expressed and experienced through the language of the body. You will also learn how to use and transform the contractive energy of the shadow into something new and more expansive.

Join us for Six Online Sessions:

  • Intro to the Shadow via Somatic Tarot
  • Exploring the Personal Shadow
  • Exploring the Collective Shadow
  • Moving with the Shadow
  • Transforming the Shadow
  • Shadow Council

Delivery methods:

  • Live sessions (will be recorded)
  • PDF lessons with journaling prompts
  • Short video lessons (movement) with accompanying suggested playlists
  • Office Hours/Q&A via Private Facebook Group

More information to come!


Bring a workshop or retreat to you:

If you are interested in hosting Jennifer to bring an ArcanaDance workshop or experience to your community or group, please contact her directly at Jennifer enjoys customizing ArcanaDance workshops for both private and public groups.


Stay tuned to my website to learn of offerings throughout the country, including online, in the year ahead (2020).

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