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Presented ArcanaDance™ at the Northwest Tarot Symposium, March 2019
ArcanaDance™ – Dancing with The Devil: A Somatic Exploration of the Shadow
“Somatic means ‘relating to the body.’ The body is not only where we experience life, it is the frontier of our transformation. What if you knew your clients could understand more deeply the physical imprint their shadow leaves on their bodies? What if they could mobilize that raw shadow energy and transform it, like an alchemist, into something new? This experiential workshop brings the tarot to life through the body. You will learn how to translate shadow language into a deep and wide somatic experience. The Devil will serve as our archetypal guide as we move to the rhythms of the shadow, appreciate its lessons and discover new ways to use its physical energy.”

Guest teacher in online course Sacred Wheel: An Exploration of the Cycle of Life / Death / Renewal through Nature, Tarot, & Art by Joanna Powell Colbert, September – October 2018

Presented ArcanaDance™, in collaboration with Soul Path Sanctuary, at the Readers Studio, April 2017
Soul Path Embodiment: Dare to Get Out of the Chair!
“In this multi-sensory session, we step into the Tarot’s guidance for living from the fullest expression of our selves that harmonizes intellect, emotion, body, creativity, and the ability to embrace mystery. Through this exploration we’ll find supports for walking our unique soul path. Discover three essential movements that correspond to our feet, hands, and spine, bringing our soul path to life through our bodies. Yes, we will dare to get out of the chair and dance along our soul path.”

Presented ArcanaDance™ at the Northwest Tarot Symposium, March 2016
ArcanaDance™: Move, Dance, and Understand the Tarot Through the Oracle of the Body
“When we move, we remember. When we dance, we understand. In this workshop you will be introduced to ArcanaDance™, a transformative somatic divination practice that awakens and attunes the oracle of the body with the archetypal wisdom of the tarot. Come explore a new way to enter the tarot, by moving beyond the mind and into full embodiment of the oracle. Your body knows what to do. No dance experience, skill or enthusiasm required. Simply enter the experience with a curiosity of tarot and your body will do the rest.”


Learning to See,” article in Courageous Creativity, pages 28-33, May 2015.
Allow August’s Full Moon Call Upon Your Intuition and Ancestors, article in Hip Latina, August 2018.


No Blueprint Podcast: Interviewed by Yoshiko Ueda and Domonique Meeks, creators of No BluePrint. Yoshi and Dom interview people of color about their experiences as entrepreneurs, community builders and cultural ambassadors. In this interview, they asked me about how I came to understand culture, who my influences were, stories about my successes and failures, the music that has become the soundtrack to my life and what the future holds for me and my communities.
Listen to the interview: No Blueprint Interview with Jennifer Lucero-Earle

Sacred Emergence Podcast: Interviewed by Michelle Wong. During this delightful interview, Michelle asked me about Embodying the Wisdom of Tarot + ArcanaDance™. Michelle’s podcast explores topics such as spirituality, personal growth, entrepreneurship, wellness, lifestyle design, and everything in between that can support you to grow, evolve, and step into your leadership and radiance.

Listen to the interview: Embodying the Wisdom of Tarot + ArcanaDance with Jennifer Lucero-Earle



September 2022

Creative Rests, Riffs, and Raptures

August 2022

Strong and Fuzzy
Rest Daydreaming and 20 Years
Poignancy is Kinship

July 2022

Rekindling Collective Joy and Nia in August
Navigating Grief
Guardians and Leaders
Rhythmic Freedom, Flow and Joy

June 2022

Joy is the Harvest
Follow the Fireflies
Feel Your Radiance
Embodying Perseverance

May 2022

May we move through…
Relaxed & Fluid Power
Storms do not last forever
Nurturing Consistency

April 2022

A Quiet Dignity
Stewarding Our Planet
Holy days & Resurrection
Acceptance and Regulation

March 2022

Becoming Embodied
Who would you be if…
A Settled Body Changes the World
Courage, Hope & Healing
Celebrating International Women’s Day

February 2022

A Week of Listening
Classes resume February 27

January 2022

Dance of Offering Solace
Proceed with Gentleness
A Vow to Practice Curiosity

December 2021

Communal Wellness

November 2021

Dancing Thankfulness
Sweet People
Create Your Day, Then Create Your Life
Tarot and Sonrisa

October 2021

Listening to Others & Dancing the Spirit of Life
Home Is What You Take With You
Revisiting Versatility, Honing Our Creative Range
The Quality of Connection

September 2021

Stopping the Noise
Pause to Feel Free
Worthy of Rest
Rest Speaks Peace

August 2021

Refuge in the Collective
Revisiting Collective Joy
Following the Light in the Dark
What to Call In and What to Let Go

July 2021

While I am Away
A Compassionate Pact
Dancing with the Winds of Change
Ríe y Llora

June 2021

Shine Bright
Connection & Community as Strength
La Sonrisa
The Courage Not to Override

May 2021

Creative Range & Adaptability
Boundaries & Self-Care
What Won’t Let Me Go
Mother’s and Valor

April 2021

Valor and Value
Collective Flourishing
Courage to Lead
Pride Power Protection Play & Proclamation
Rebirth and the Bridge from the Head to the Heart

March 2021

Building the Soil of Self-Care

February 2021

Attending to Our Well-Being
Breathe Toward Safety and Connection
Mi Corazón
This Joy that I Have

January 2021

Our Crowdsourced Joy Dance
Carrying Hope Forward
Dancing for a More Beautiful World
Collective Joy


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