Photo taken by Joanna Powell Colbert at Honoring Transitions: A Tarot Workshop with the Death card

“Jennifer is a gifted priestess who facilitates a great healing that comes only when we get out of our heads and into our bodies. I’m not the same woman I was when I arrived at the beginning of her “Honoring Transitions” workshop on the Death card. I will be attending Jennifer’s workshops as often as I can. Deeply grateful for her teaching.” – Joanna Powell Colbert, creatrix of the Gaian Tarot

“Jennifer’s Tarot Journaling with ArcanaDance was an exquisite, sacred, and soul-filled experience. What I learned during this workshop is forever inside me. I was able to take it all out the door with me when I left! In other words, weeks later, I am still being guided and supported by the journaling practices and tarot guidance I learned at this workshop. Jennifer’s skill as a tarot card reader has resulted in transformational joy and deep support for me. I am filled with a deeper sense of peaceful trusting in myself.

Jennifer facilitates and presents this unique combination of material with a mastery of skill and the bonus of goddess energy. And then there was the dance to seal it all into the body . . . profoundly moving for my body, mind, and spirit.

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone called to connect more deeply with their most conscious and highest self. Jennifer is a beam of light and a gift to so many on this planet. Thank you, Jennifer!” – Susan Tate, Author, Teacher, Wellness Visionary at

“As someone new to Tarot and seeking guidance in journaling, I found Jennifer to be the very connection I needed and resonated with her very highly. Her gentle but vibrant energy, the openess yet sacred individualism with a group of like minded women was an experience I shall forever remember. Even though I am not by nature an “open movement” type of person but with an open mind and willingness to a new experience I flowed to the ArcanaDance and just let my body and mind be. The experience for someone still new on the Tarot and Journaling path I am glad to have gone into this workshop with an open mind and willing heart to just let it in. The experience is what you make it –be yourself, express yourself, keep and open mind and let the dance take you where it wants to go!” J.F., Bellingham, WA

“I thoroughly enjoyed this (Empress) workshop.  It was a little therapy, a little dance and a little digging deep within all in one.   Due to arthritis in my knees I can’t stand for too long, but the movement was as gentle or active as you wanted it to be.  There was no right or wrong, just move. When my legs got tired I could still move my upper body while sitting in a chair, it didn’t take away form the activity at all.  The music accompanying the movement was beautiful, I was so happy to get the list of songs afterwards.  Jennifer had a workbook for us to take notes in, so helpful, and nice to have to refer to afterwards.  I left the workshop feeling very at peace with myself.” – K.K., Everett, WA

“Jennifer’s retreats offer a unique opportunity for guided self-reflection. I absolutely love and appreciate that Jennifer designs her retreats in a workshop format. She bookends the retreat with two opportunities for dance and movement using a thoughtfully selected playlist that complements the workshop. Jennifer and her retreats are a great source of inspiration, creativity and joy.” – K.N., Seattle, WA